Sterling Lab Puppies

English Labrador Retrievers

We are a professional breeder with a dedication and passion for preserving the wonderful English Labradors, temperament and versatility that is the hallmark of the Labrador Retriever. We share a passion for the breed and a vision of the “perfect Labrador”.

Breeding a litter should begin with knowledge. Our Labradors are our love and our hobby. We feel there is an "ART" to producing a special litter. Every litter is planned with a goal and purpose. Our litters are thought through with the research of pedigrees and we choose the stud dogs who will best compliment our girls. We strive to produce healthy Labs that are expressive and intelligent. We also want our Labs to be strong retrievers with the beauty of correct conformation. Most of all we want our Labs to portray the sweet loving temperament that they are well known for.

Thank you for visiting Sterling Labs. We are thrilled to show you our family and share some of the many blessings we have received over the years.