Loved by Others

Meet some of the wonderful families that have our puppies and hear what they have to say.

This is the way to make school zoom meetings during Covid a little more bearable!

This is Hi Maryanne - this is Melanie, Bill’s fiancé. I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Delta is doing wonderfully and we just love her so much. She brings an incredible amount of joy and love into our lives and we do our best to pay that back to her everyday with all the pets, kisses, treats, walks and hugs we can. We have renamed her Rosie as that name has meaning to us, but her name will always be Rosie Delta. In the past week she has visited the dog park, hung out with our bulldog friend Smasher, met the neighbors girls, visited the beach and is starting to learn how to sit and lay down. She is very good on the lead and takes to it beautifully- a testament to your daughter’s training. I can’t put into words the gratitude that we have for you and your family. Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

way to make school zoom meetings during Covid a little more bearable!

Hi Mary-Anne, it’s Dave Carlisle again. We just spoke about the black female pups.

I had to show you some pictures of Toby with our boys from about three weeks ago, as well as Toby at our wedding (ring bearer!) 6 years ago. Thank for your such an AMAZING dog!

I will get back to you with a decision on the black female puppy from Zin & Buddy. Thanks again for your time tonight.


Cowboy is a Cowboy for Halloween

We are so in love with this puppy. So beautifully behaved. Such a treasure.

Today is Nala's 1st birthday. She is 70 lbs, and has a sweet, playful & very loving personality. She's perfect in every way. Thank you!

Murphy still loves his baby blanket you sent with him. 💕

Dear Sterling Labs,

In August of 2015 my daughter picked out one of your puppies for her twin brother, Brian. He named the puppy Posey and has loved her since the day she was brought home. My son isn’t one for sharing private photos, but I thought you might like to see a few photos my son has taken of Posey, since her third birthday is rapidly approaching. Our whole family adores Posey, she’s a bundle of energy, but loves her walks, hikes, and especially swimming! She weighs in at about 55 pounds but has pretty short legs so people still think she looks like a puppy!

Thanks for your help in providing a great family member!


Cheryl Raap

Hi Mary Anne!

I hope all is well.

Just wanted to give you an updated on Nala! She is the puppy of Buddy & Jazzy and is just the most perfect puppy ever.

I swear she is barely a “puppy", she’s so well behaved!

Here are some pictures of her and Choco! They love each other and are the best of friends. Two amazing dogs from Sterling!

Also, we have an Instagram for the two dogs.

I think I’ve received like 50+ requests asking me where I got Choco and Nala! I always refer them to Sterling! Hopefully some of them are able to get some perfect labs from you guys.

Enjoy the pics!



Hi Mary Anne,

Just a note to let you know that Jax traveled well and we got home fine. She is adjusting to her new environment well and her appetite is great. She is being raised as a house dog and we are learning what it takes to keep her safe which seems to be a full time job. But of course we have fallen in love with her which will get through all the mischief she can conjure up. Have already hooked her up with a local Vet and scheduled the things she will need to stay healthy.

It was so nice to meet you and your husband Ron. He was very nice and I appreciated him taking his time and making sure I understood.

Everybody who meets Jax goes crazy over what a good dog she is and of course the cute factor is off the charts. Rest assured this puppy will be raised with love and attention.

Brad Jenkins

Hi there Mary Anne-

Just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoy our puppy, Charlie. He is almost 5 months now and it has been such a joy to have him in our lives. I’ve had other labs before and he is just so calm. He goes to Tahoe with us regularly and everyone we meet is admired by his coat and calls him a little bear. He is quite the ladies’ man! While in normal light he looks black but the sunlight makes him look chocolate. Training him is such a breeze. We feel so fortunate to have him in our lives!

Thanks again for providing a wonderful companion for us.

Rob & Ryan

Hi Maryanne,

I hope you are well!

I just wanted to let you know that Choco is doing great and she is loving her new home! She is the cutest thing ever and had no problem transitioning to her new family. :)

Hi Mary Anne,

I hope you and your family are doing well. I just wanted to give you an update on little miss Allegra. She is doing great and growing like crazy. She loves car rides and playing with the hose. She gives good kisses and hasn’t even cried when getting her shots. Our vet loves her and has commented on what a great temperament she has. She is about 20-21 lbs now and tacking on a couple of pounds per week. We will start puppy classes the beginning of October as I had to wait for a class that fit into my teaching and work schedule.

Attached is a picture of Allegra waiting for her breakfast this morning. It’s hard not to love that face! Gina

Hi Mary Anne,

I just wanted to share how beyond thrilled we are with our Hope and Boots girl!! She has an amazing temperament, both mellow and playful depending on the situation. She loves to cuddle and frequently falls asleep on our feet while we watch TV. We figure that is a Boots trait! She also is an outstanding swimmer and retriever. We can't keep her out of the water and she took to fetch with almost no training. Physically, she is absolutely gorgeous, with a sweet face and the stocky English frame. She also has a silky and soft coat, which is an added bonus. She brings us joy everyday and we feel so blessed to have her in our lives. Thank you for breeding such a terrific dog, both in personality and beauty.

All the best,


Hi Mary Anne,

Just though you’d like to see that Ruby, who has become the loving center of our family, is doing well. She is a wonderful puppy and everyone who meets her falls instantly in love!

I’ve started puppy training at the Marin County Humane Society and she is the star of the class — the youngest one and the one who is learning the fastest.

We adore her.

Hope all is well,

Lisa and Tom Woolf

Hi Mary Anne,

It has been forever since I last wrote. I hope you and family are all well. Both boys, Duke (Hadley x Nick) and Jett (Lacy x Newman) are flourishing. Duke was our first pup from you. As he is nearing two next month, he is a beautiful boy. Duke is quiet and unassuming. He waits for his ear scratch as he comes in from outside and the occasional love in the evening but he is truly comfortable in his own skin and his place in our pack. I make a point to take him on special errands, just he and I , because he asks so little and loves his solo trips. He is always a model canine when we go out. Jett is now eighteen months and he is a Lab’s lab. He is so smart. Has learned all his commands from an early age observing Duke’s training. He is so willing and I often call him my shadow. Just a sweetheart who loves everyone and wants to have fun. We had an unusual incident this Sunday. I try to take them all to our local dog park at least three times a week. We are currently renovating a home in Auburn on twenty two acres and they all have a pond and the acreage during the week but since we currently have six Labs ( I am fostering three female pups) I like to get them out of their pack mentality and let them socialize. This Sunday a mentally unstable woman brought her pet bunny into the dog park. Mind you this dog park is over three acres and at the time had approximately thirty large dogs in it. Of course she lets the bunny down on the ground and he takes off. There I am with six hunting dogs, recalling them to me, horrified for the bunny. My three pups ( five months old) are clueless and ignore the action but Duke and Jett are on point and by the time the bunny reaches our end of the Park Jett has it in his mouth without barely moving. Another dog owner, who frequently visits with us, tells Jett to drop it , which he does. Poor thing is bloody, it hit his mouth on the fence, Jett grabbed it by its back end. Now for the interesting part, the woman goes ballistic on Jett. Starts going towards him threatening harm. I recalled him and told him down which he did and this woman physically attacks me and puts her hands on my throat Out of nowhere Jett rockets his 23.5 inch 85 pound body through the air and takes this woman to the ground. He never snarled nor showed any teeth. At this point others in the Park had called Animal Control and the Local Sheriffs which arrived and saw the entire event. I was so scared Animal Control was going to Taser Jett or some other awful scenario. It took three Sheriffs to get the woman in handcuffs. I was worried for nothing. Jett practically licked the Animal Control Officers and Sheriffs to death. Luckily they saw the entire altercation and Jett was deemed my hero. I am SO proud of his actions. If the Sheriffs had not arrived when they did I don’t know what the outcome would have been. I think I was most proud that he just knocked her down but never bit her. Thank goodness we did not have to find out if he would have bit her or not. In true Lab subservience I had to reassure Jett the entire night. He thought he was in trouble for his actions. Duke, Jett and I walk a little over two miles every night and Duke has the real prey instinct. We have worked for months on walking nicely when he sees birds, cats and other small dogs or animals. Jett doesn’t usually blink an eye while Duke is hunt mode. As horrifying as the incident was, my motherly pride sneaks through that it was my low riding, muscle bound happy-go-lucky Lab that not only got the bunny but came to my rescue. He may have lost his goofy puppy reputation at the dog park this weekend but has gained the respect of its residents he deserves. As usual I have written a short story. I thought you would like to hear how one of your pups has become my true hero. I’ll try to send a picture of the boys soon.

Best wishes for you and Family,

Danna Mosley

Subject: Macey & Misty

The girls are doing great and mom is in love

Thank You.

Hi Mary Anne - hope you and your family are doing well. We wanted to let you know it's almost been a year since we first meet Buddy and took him home. Today is his birthday so "happy birthday to our Buddy!" He celebrated with a morning walk and special doggie treats. He is doing great ! A big part of our lives and huge part of our family. Thank you again for letting us adopt him. Such a great Dog.

Hi Mary Anne,

Here are a few pictures of Sarge - he is the best puppy ever - he stole our hearts the minute we got him home. We love him so much - thank you for letting us have one of your beautiful labs.

Hi Mary Anne

This is Allan Corradi from Stockton. Myself, Sally and my son Vince picked up the last female puppy offered from the Abby/Newman litter of 3/8 this past June 6th. I’ve been wanting to send a note to you for some time.

This was truly one of the most rewarding purchases I’ve made in a long time. “Shasta” is all and more than we expected. Healthy, smart, funny, playful an absolute joy to have and be a family member.

We take her all over and she makes friends with everyone both 4 and 2 legged. Training went pretty good and will do more this fall. She just crossed 50 lbs. and will be 7 months on the 8th.

Sending a pic from two weeks ago. Thanks again.

Allan Corradi

Good morning Maryanne and Ron,

I hope you had as wonderful a summer as we did. The pups got to travel the country this summer.

Duke (Nick/Hadley) is now eleven months, boy how time flies. He just came home from 15 days of advanced training.

Jett (Newman/Lacy) just turned six months and has started Puppy obedience. The busy summer put us a bit behind on his obedience classes but he learned so much from the older dogs. He already knows sit/place/wait/and walk on the loose leash. He is VERY eager to please and learns everything super-fast. I just let the dogs be wild banshees and play on the beach most of the summer.

We are so pleased with our lovely boys. We have referred several people your way. My son’s Grandparents are looking for a Lab, I hope they come see you. I sent Lucas’ father your link with your beautiful current litters to share with his parents. I hinted at your retired dogs since his parents are in their seventies. Although they are very very active I thought an older dog might fit the bill. Not sure what they will decide. We cannot thank you enough for our boys.

Warmest Regards,

Danna and Lucas Ryan

Rylee has turned out be gorgeous. Her disposition matches her looks. She's an absolute love. We thank you so much!

Hi. Hope you are all doing well. Hooper is now 5 months old and we adore him. He has the most wonderful personality. He loves people yet calmly meets them. He has yet to find a person, dog or other animal that he does not like. He was the easiest dog to house break we have ever had. Within two weeks he had the doggie door down. Granted he has his puppy moments and everything goes in his mouth but all in all he is wonderful. We are on out first week at the lake this summer and he loves the water. Within two days he is leaping off the boat to go to shore and sleeping as we tube around.

Thanks for such a great dog. I am sure he is going to bring us years of happiness


Hi Maryanne,

Hope all is well on the Sterling Ranch. This is my Kimba the White Lion (his name definitely suits this big boy with a beautiful coat and mane!) this morning on our walk...:-)

Newman x Abby (2/6/12).

Kimba is so smart, so sweet, so comprehensive, not to mention he is one big, gorgeous hunk of a dog. We love him so much.

xoxo Valerie Harris

Hi Mary Anne and Ron!

We wanted to give you an update on how well Dan is adjusting. We have renamed him "Nalu" which means 'wave' (ocean) in Hawaiian. It was Kimo's middle name... so we did it in honor of him.

What a smart, sweet, sensitive, precious puppy he is!!! He is healing on a leash wonderfully, knows his new name, comes when he is called, and LOVES to go everywhere with us!

He sleeps on a fluffy bed we got from Costco, on the side of our bed. Gracie Joy slept in a sleeping bag in our room so she could sleep with him!

He even went paddling today for the first time! He has his vet appointment in the morning, another swim planned at the dock, and a grooming appointment on Saturday!

Again... we can't thank you enough! We love him so much. It feels like he's always been a part of us.

Hope you are all well!

YEAH! I’ve been watching your site every day to see if the puppies were been born.

So excited.!

We celebrated Duke’s five month birthday last night at the dog park with friends.

Duke has been attending lacrosse games every weekend, practicing his manners and puppy obedience.

He has been a prince.

He’s been dubbed the equipment manager because if left unattended, during practices, he raids all the boys gear bags and steals gear/balls/mouth pieces…whatever suits his fancy. Even house keys.

We have only had double headers each weekend. Last year we played mostly single games but many new teams have been added to our roster. (We are a new club, this is our third year)

Duke sits quietly, accepts attention from ALL the player’s younger siblings and waits for breaks between the games to play with other dogs brought to the games.

We took some pictures with my son’s gear bag. Sorry about the ooglie eyes. These are from the phone and I can’t control the flash.

Samson at almost 15 weeks. He has been a great addition to our family. He is very smart and just like you promised a complete show stopper.

The five year old is the funniest. She and him are joined at the hip. We all love him he is already a great dog. Everywhere we go people love him...he has been sleeping through the night since the third night we brought him home. He was potty trained at bout six weeks old...he already know drop, stay, sit brings balls back. He is everything you said he was going to be!! He listens real good when we call him better than any dog at the dog park..Thanks MaryAnn I will try to get some better pics to put on your site.

Hello Maryanne,

I want to thank you for allowing us to bring "Lilly" into our family. She is learning very quickly, already knows Sit!!


Mike Lacey

Well the understatement is that I am a crappy dog photographer -- but you get the idea

He is every bit of 80 pounds and not fat -- mostly muscle

He is just a really big-bodied dog 23 inches at the shoulder

Wendy L. Johnston

Luke, son of Newman and Ann, want to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to you.

Luke has been doing very well in his new family. He had first vet check in Feb 2nd. Since there, he has gained more than two pounds.

Luke is a super smart boy. Within two weeks, he has remembered his name and few commands such as "come", "sit", "lie down" and "stop". His learning capability has surprised everything. (But the potty training is another story).

All my family members feel very lucky to have him. We all want to say

Thank You & Happy Valentine's Day!

Junjun (Tom) Liu

everyone thinks he is ridgeback, Rottweiler. The hair on his back goes up whenever he gets nervous. He is such a sweet dog. Our friends just got a golden retriever and brought her over today, Summit was so gentle. He loved playing with the puppy. He has a big load bark but wags his tail all the time. LOVE HIM!

Mary Anne,

I wanted to give you an update on our boy Harley Max, he is doing fantastic and has grown to be quite a big boy (85 lbs. so far). He was a rambunctious little guy for the first few months but after a stint at the trainers he is now the perfect companion… the boys and Harley have a great time together ( I believe Harley thinks that Nic (my 6 yo) is a puppy to play with as the two of them get into more trouble than I can say… but 99% of the time it’s not Harley that starts it….LOL). I will say that Harley has become a big “mama’s boy”, there is not a step that Sherry takes that Har-man (his nick-name from Sherry) is not on her heels. Thanks so much for providing a wonderful companion to my family… he is a beautiful example of the “English” look that I asked for and we always get compliments on how handsome he is….. attached are some pics (puppy pics from Cmas of ‘12 / Pic of Nic and Har Cmas ‘13) for you to share…. Thanks again for delivering on your promise… to give a wonderful and loyal new member to our family!!

Enjoy the Pics!!!! (also posted on your Facebook page with some new pics)

Ken, Sherry, Logan, Nic and Harley Ronsisvalle

Birmingham, Alabama

From: John Mcgowan Subject: Levi from Abby and Newman

Levi has been more than what I could ever ask for!

Hi- My friend Kristin just contacted you to get a puppy in August. I have been loving visiting your website and wanted to send you a picture of SUMMIT our Fox Red Lab we bought from you two and half years ago. He came from Rita. We love him so much. He is a well behaved Dog with lots of energy. Thank God I am a runner. He does trails with my Friends and I daily. He is 85 lbs and healthy as can be. Below is a picture of our SUMMIT.

Lots of Love to your family from ours, THE MCPHERSONS

San Anselmo, Ca