Cole was the biggest and best puppy out of his litter. He is just like a huge gentle giant with his thick coal black coat, tremendous strong back legs, otter tail and a brick as a head because it is so blocky. Coal has a super personality.


Pyro AKC registered name: Hemstalk Burning Love is a great dog in every way, he is a show stopper. We are so blessed to have Pyro at our ranch. He is a dark Fox Red English Lab with big and heavy bone, blocky head and a fantastic personality that can not be beat in the English Labrador community. Pyro is the perfect combination of all the best fox red labs in the country and he has not disappointed us. His bloodlines include several champions and Red Hot Cyrus at Elkens who produced Ford that just finished his Grand Champion.


Sterlings Hudson is Locked and Loaded. This guy has multiply Champion and Grand Champion bloodlines no wonder he is so handsome. Hudson has great confirmation with thick black shinny coat, square/blocky head and a short otter tail. At full maturity he is weighing between 90 and 100lbs. His Mom’s pedigree goes back to Champion Blackrivers Blowing Hot N Cold at Elkens, Grand Champion Hyspire and KelleyGreens Labradors. Hudson’s Dad is Sterlings Rolling Forever Black Coal who is our Son’s dog that is his best friend and will talk to you if you just listen. Jeff taught Coal how to play hide and go seek, tag, ride on a quad and then when Jeff turned 16 Coal was his co-pilot and all of Jeff’s friends had to ride in the back seat of the truck. His pedigree also include Champion Boradors by George who sired over 71 champions and #1 stud dog in the US. Plus Champion Lenches Gallivant, Champion Deer Runs Sweet Carmel Cream and Champion Shannon Valley’s Beauregard. With such an amazing pedigree and bloodlines it is no surprise that Hudson is so incredible gorgeous, well built with a wonderful personality.


Sterlings Royal Watch & Learn Rocket. He is pick of the litter, amazing puppies come from great pedigree’s and he will not let you down. Rocket’s Dad Lucky comes from all champions in Russia. We brought Lucky over from Russia just to make Rocket our new Chocolate Stud dog. His Mom’s side is from Kelleygreens Dante, Kelleygreens Downtown Brown, Adventure’s of Newman whose Dad sired over 74 Champions and our best and smartest line of Chocolates. Rocket not only has a incredible pedigree but also has the looks and confirmation of a Champion. He is built correct and has a gentle and loving personality. Rocket has another couple of years before he is fully matured, he currently weighs 85 lbs of pure muscle. At fully grown he will be 95 to 100lbs. The combination of our amazing bloodlines for the United States and Russia created this incredible dog Rocket.


Finn is a show stopper he is gorgeous and very loving. Finn loves to please and nothing makes him happier than hanging out with the family. He has a very thick double coat, short otter tail and very blocky head. Finn is a gorgeous fox red with a great pedigree of several of the best breeders in the United States for Fox Red English Labradors which includes Grand Champion Elkens She’s A Hottie, Grand Champion Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes, Champion Keepsake Caju, plus several more Champions and Grand Champions.


Sterlings Just In Time To Dream aka: Justin was the biggest and best puppy out of his litter and the pick of the litter out of our dog Olfa and Gypcee. His bloodlines includes champion and Grand Champions from Hyspire, Ekens and Borders by George. He is just like a huge gentle giant with his thick yellow coat, big feet and heavy bone, tremendous strong back legs, otter tail and a brick as a head because it is so blocky. Justin has a super personality and sweet temperament. Justin weighs about 95 to 100 pounds of pure muscle and a heart of gold.


Buddy was imported from Russia. He traveled with a personal trainer from Russia to our Ranch. We kept his name Buddy because that was the only English word that he understood at the time. Buddy has adopted fast and is an amazing asset to our program and future as a top breeder of English Labradors. He weighs about 90 lbs and has a great confirmation (structure) and pedigree. Both Buddy’s parents are champions plus several other champions in pedigree. Buddy has an amazing loving personality and temperament.


KelleyGreens Amazing Albert is one of Sally Kelley’s top stud dogs. Sally is an AKC Judge and has been breeding English Labradors for over 60 years. She has a long history of some of the best bloodlines in the Country and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to use one of her studs. A couple of her bloodlines that are very well known in the English Labrador world is the KelleyGreens Amazing bloodline, KelleyGreens Easter Bonnet and KelleyGreens Irish Stout bloodline. Amazing Albert has a nice thick black coat, with a blocky square head, short otter tail and great confirmation. Albert has a wonderful personality that is loved by everyone.


George is pick of the litter with a champion filled pedigree and an amazing sweet personality. At full maturity we expect him to weigh about 100 lbs, has a square head, short otter tail and great ankles and topline. His Dad is Champion Blackriver Blowing Hot N Cold at Elkens. His Mom is one of the most gorgeous females that we have seen in 10 years with a very strong bloodline leading back to Newman and beyond.