A couple of time a year we will make available for sale select adult dogs that have retired from our breading program.


Sterling’s Dancing In The Moonlight AKA: Moonlight is one amazing girl. She is perfect structure with a perfect personality and beautiful to look at. Moonlight has three generations of some of the best Sterling Labradors in her and of course the pick of the litter pup every time. She is white with a think coat and short otter tail weighing around 75 to 80 lbs. Moonlight has a very sweet and loving personality. Her Grandfather is Champion Blackriver Blowing Hot N Cold at Elkens. Moonlight’s Grandmother is one of the most gorgeous females that we have seen in 10 years with a very strong bloodline leading back to Newman and beyond. Her bloodline also includes Champion Boradors By George who has sired over 71 Champions and number one stud dog in the United States for over 3 years. It is no wonder that Moonlight is amazing inside and out. Moonlight is being retired from our breeding program. She has had 2 litters, her DOB is 11/12/2017. Her adoption fee is $200.


Sterlings Kickin Up Roses is the pick of the litter from Pepper and Boots. Rose has some of the best fox red lines which include Kellygreens, Elkens, Keepsake and Oakdales these are the breeders who you read about in dog history. Rose is super sweet and loves everyone with an amazing personality. She weights 60 to 65 lbs, has a nice blocky head with a thick fox red coat and otter tail. Rose is super smart and gentle. She is a true English Labrador with a good mix of beauty and brains. Rose walks on a leash, crate trained and is potted trained to go on wood shavings. Her DOB is 10/1616 and is being offered to a good loving home for $200.


Sterlings Lady Remi is Red Hot, no kidding she is red hot in looks, personality and confirmation. Her Mom is Lola which is 3rd generation of Sterling labs all picks of their litter. Dad is Cyrus who has produced several champions and comes from amazing fox red lines back East. These two beautiful dogs created Remi who loves everyone. She has a great personality with amazing angles, otter tail, dark red coat. Remi is a gentle giant weighing about 70 to 80lbs. She is being retired from our breeding program and was born here at Sterling Labs on 9/12/16. Remi is crate trained, walks on a leash and house broke. She is $200


Minnie is almost 4 1/2 years old and has never had a litter. She is so sweet and beautiful but just did not want to be a Mom. We really wanted babies out of her because is just perfect in every way and out of amazing bloodlines. Her Mom Elba is out of our fountain of fox red’s that go back to Rita from Tennessee, Kelley Greens and Elkens which are some of the top breeders of English Fox Reds in the United States. Minnies Dad is George in short has the top Champions in the United States which include Borders by George the #1 stud dog for 3 years in a row and has sired over 71 Champions. She will be a great addition to any family that wants a loving and caring companion. Minnie was born on 7/20/17 she walks on a leash, crate trained, not spayed and is $200.


Sterlings Catching Fire With Abraham is a show stopper he is gorgeous and very loving. Abraham loves to please and nothing makes him happier than hanging out with the family. He has a very thick double coat, short otter tail and very blocky head weighing about 85 to 100 pounds and was born on February 12, 2020. Abraham is a gorgeous light fox red with a great pedigree of several of the best breeders in the United States for Fox Red English Labradors which includes Grand Champion Elkens She’s A Hottie, Grand Champion Hyspire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes, Champion Keepsake Caju,, Champion Boarders by George who sired over 71 champions and was the #1 stud dog with American Kennel Club for 3 years plus several more Champions and Grand Champions. Abraham walks on a leash, crate trained, not fixed. He is $5,000 and has been genetic tested for Centronuclear Myopathy, Degenerative Myelopathy, Exercise-Induced Collapse, Hereditary nasal Parakeratosis, Progressive Retinal atrophy Progressive Rod-Con Degeneration, Retinal Dysplasia/Oculoskeletal Dysplasia, and Skeletal ???Dysplasia 2 fortunately all test are clear which is fantastic. Abraham is the pick of the litter and was kept as a replacement stud unfortunately I need to down size a little