A couple of time a year we will make available for sale select adult dogs that have retired from our breading program.


Milo our black male out of Izzy and Flash was born on 8/25/22, he is extremely sweet and incredible conformation. He is a gorgeous coal black in tact male. We expect him to weigh about 90 to 100lbs when he is full grown. He is so gentle and lovable with a beautiful blocky square head. Milo walks on a leash, is crate trained and is potty trained to go on wood shavings. His sire Sterling’s Fifty Red Hot Flash AKA: Flash is just like his name says you will not want to take your eyes off him. We bred Flash’s Mom Sterlings Hotter Than A Red Flame and KelleyGreens Fifty Shades of Red Kai with the intention of creating a new stud dog for Sterling Labradors.  Flash’s off spring has not disappointment us. Milo’s dad comes from amazing pedigrees like Grand Champion Elkens Leo Sh, Champion Elkens Miss Bella, Champion Visions The Life of Riley as well of lots of famous KelleyGreens, Sterling, Elkens, Keepsakes and Oakdale’s bloodlines. All of these breeders are well known for having some of the best English Labradors in the country. Milo’s mom is Sterlings One Lucky Izzy she has an amazing bloodlines that include Borders By George, who has sired over 74 champions and #1 stud dog for three years in a row with AKC, Champion Blackrivers Blowing Hot N Cold At Elkens, Top bloodlines from Kelleygreens with her best chocolates lines ever which include Dante and Downtown Brown. He is being offered to approved home for $3,500


Winston is a gorgeous white male out of Aspen and Loki. His parents are Sterlings Forever Whispering Aspen AKA: Aspen and Sterling Stars & Goddesses Made Loki. Both of Winston’s parents are pick of their litters for several generations. Aspen is out of several well known bloodlines that include Champion Blackrivers Blowing Hot N Cold at Elkens, Grand Champion Hyspire Shah Hotter Than Blazes, Kelleygreens Whispering Willow AKA: Tatum, Adventure’s Newman of Prosperity whose Dad was Champion Borders by George, who sired over 71 Champions and number one stud dog with American Kennel Club for 3 years. Loki’s mom is Truckee and she got her name because she stared in Eddie Bauer’s winter magazine photo shoot that was held in Truckee at a big Mansion. Loki’s dad is Oden and he was only 3 months old when he flew from Russia to reside permanently at our ranch in Yuba City. Oden started winning his first AKC show at 7 months old and is as big as the 2 years old at the AKC show.  Winston is amazing with a big, thick body, plush white coat, correct confirmation and wonderful personality and weighing about 90 to 100lbs fully grown. His pedigree is full of Champions and International Championships. His birth date is 7/25/22 and he is $3,500.


Sterlings One Lucky Izzy has amazing bloodlines that include Borders By George who has sired over 74 champions and #1 stud dog for three years in a row with AKC, Champion Blackrivers Blowing Hot N Cold At Elkens, Top bloodlines from Kelleygreens with her best chocolates lines ever which include Dante and Downtown Brown.  These dogs are absolutely beautiful and we are so proud to have them in our pedigrees.  Izzy is a sweet heart and amazing Mom.  She is gorgeous, smart and weighs about 60 to 65lbs.  Izzy DOB is 12/30/2017 and is being offer to a good and loving home for $200.00


Scout is a very blocky and square chocolate male out of Coco and Rocket. Scouts bloodlines come from Russia, Kelleygreens Dante (one of Mary Anne’s favorite dogs), Kelleygreens Downtown Borads, Adveture’s of Newman whose Dad sired over 74 Champions. The combination of our amazing bloodlines from the United States and Russia has created our incredible dog Rocket. Scout’s Mom is CoCo or Sterlings Time to Dream About Coco, she is smart but is also beautiful. CoCo is a dark chocolate and comes from amazing bloodlines like Champion Eagertrieves Magic Mike, Grand Champion Cedarwoods Signature Browning Copied and Sterlings Here and Now “George” which also comes from a long line of Champions. Scout is crate trained and walks on a leash, and has been trained to go potty on shavings. His date of birth is 6/26/22. Scout’s build is excellent and has a gentle and loving personality. It will be another couple of years before he is fully matured, he currently weighs around 50 lbs of pure muscle. At fully grown he will be 80 to 100lbs. Scout is $3,500.


Maddie is a very sweet and gorgeous girl who is the pick of the litter from Kelleygreens Whispering Willow AKA: Tatum and Kelleygreens-Sterling Jack Be Quick.  Both her parents lived here on the ranch with us and Maddie was born and raised here on the family property but unfortunately Maddie never had puppies.  She has some of the best English blood lines with a good mix of beauty and brains..  Maddie is super sweet and loves everyone with an amazing personality.  She weights 65 to 75 lbs, has a nice blocky head with a thick light yellow coat and otter tail.   Her DOB is 5/6/2018 and is being offered to a good loving home for $200


Sterlings Kicking Up Poppies AKA: Poppy is the pick of the litter from Rose and Blaze. Poppy has some of the best fox red lines in the United States which include Kellygreens, Elkens, Keepsake, Hyspire and Oakdales these are the breeders who you read about in dog history. They are the ones that brought back the fox red lines after they almost went extinct from when Queen Elizabeth and King George had fox red labs. Poppy is super sweet and loves everyone with and without 4 legs.  Poppy has an amazing personality she weights around 50 to 55 lbs, has a nice blocky head with a thick fox red coat and otter tail. Poppy is super smart and gentle. She is a true English Labrador with a good mix of beauty and brains. She is being retired very early just because being a Mom is not her favorite and we are not going to make one of our dogs do something they do not enjoy.  She reather spend her day with humans than watching over babies.  Poppy's DOB is12/26/19 and is being offered to a good loving home for $2,000.


Buster our Fox Red English Labrador male out of Rita and Pyro born on 7/24/22. He is really sweet with a quite the personality. Buster comes from great bloodlines on both sides. His mom Rita, is out of our most sought after fox reds with amazing lines out of Elkens Labradors, KelleyGreens, KeepSake, Windfall’s, Sterlings Hotter Than Blaze, Champion Elkens Leo JH a show and hunting champion. Other champions in his pedigree are Ch Elkens Miss Bella, Grand Champion Hysire Shahli Hotter Than Blazes. Buster’s dad is Pyro, AKC registered name: Hemstalk Burning Love is a great dog in every way, a true show stopper. His bloodlines include several champions and Red Hot Cyrus at Elkens who produced Ford that just finished his Grand Champion. Buster is a very calm and loving boy that should weigh about 80 to 90 lbs full grown and is being offer for $3,500.