Taking Puppy Home


We have given your puppy vaccinations at approximately 4,6 & 8 weeks of age.  All dates and types of shots given are documented in your puppy book.

You will need to have one more puppy vaccination given at 12 weeks of age.  In addition, a Rabies vaccination at 4 months and an annual booster will be required.

AKC Registration:

Every dog  that we own or use for breeding is registered with AKC and has been screened for genetic ailments like hip dyspepsia and PRA eye problems.  AKC has been notified of your puppy's litter and has issued an official limited registration document that we will provide to you.

You will need to complete the AKC limited registration form found in your puppy book in order to transfer puppy ownership into your name.  AKC charges $30 for this registration.


We will microchip your puppy with an ISO International AKC microchip at no charge to you.   Please let us know as soon as possible if you do not want your puppy microchipped.

You will need to register your new puppy's microchip before you leave when picking up your puppy.  If you are having your puppy delivered,  we will walk you through online registration before you receive your puppy.

AKC charges less than $20 for the lifetime registration of the microchip.  You will be asked for a credit card to complete your registration.  To learn more about microchips click here.


We take the health of your puppy very seriously. We have done years of extensive research into pet food choices comparing brands, ingredients, price and safety records.  Your puppy has been feed Life's Abundance dog food.

Your choice of dog food is the most important thing that you will do for your new family member.  We absolutely recommend that you continue feeding LIFE'S ABUNDANCE LARGE BREED PUPPY FOOD for the first 6-months to 1 year of age, then switch to LIFE'S ABUNDANCE ALL LIFE STAGE DOG FOOD.

Life's Abundance is delivered directly to your home. Be sure to place your order a week or so before your delivery/pickup date.

Trupanion Pet Insurance:

Our puppies come with a 30 day pet insurance with Trupanion, that must be activated within 24 hours of picking up your puppy with a offer code we will provide. They offer waived waiting periods and immediate coverage, no payout limits, and 30 days of coverage with no upfront payments. 

Snuggle Puppy:

We offer a Snuggle Puppy for purchase to help ease the transition of your puppy going to their new home. The Snuggle Puppy naturally provides comfort through a real feel heartbeat technology and heat that mimics their mother and littermates. Ultimately, the Snuggle Puppy will help with the nervousness of moving to a new home, whining or barking while in the crate, sleeping thought the night, separation anxiety while left alone, or anytime your puppy just needs a little extra comfort or relaxing.

Shopping List of my favorite stuff:

These starter packs are awesome!  They have a great verity of products that are on my list already, so kind of one stop shopping.  Includes bag of large breed puppy food, Wellness Food Supplement, Revitalizing Shampoo, Bath Fresh Mist, Eare Care formula (use this 2x per month), Training Treats, Antioxidant Health Bars (perfect healthy snack), & Buffalo Bully Sticks (great chewing treat & dental health aid)

We prefer to use a harness for training young dogs/puppies as they do not put any strain on the neck.  When shopping for a good harness, look for wide webbing, preferably padded, and a design that does not force you to put your dog's legs through loops.  This particular harness uses a one-click buckle that makes it really easy to put on and take off.  The only disadvantage to this type of harness is that it has a limited amount of adjustment so one-size does not fit all and your puppy will out grow it. 

Cleaning & Deodorizing spray:  Bio-Base Biodeodorizer Spray

 This spray is nothing short of miraculous!  It doesn't just cover odors, it eliminates them using Viable Bacterial Cultures that actually breakdown stain and odor-causing organic debris, yet it is safe to use on any surface in your home.  We use it anywhere there is a bad smell like on carpet, tile, trash bins and hampers.

 Your Labrador loves the water and will be wet every day if given the opportunity.  But when just water doesn't do the trick to get them clean, this is the best shampoo to use.  It wont strip the natural oils from their coat and leaves them smelling and feeling great!

NuVet Plus provides a synergistic formula of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and more for good heath and proper development of puppies and young growing dogs.